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Step Two

Use to obtain your PayPal "Buy Now" Button Code
This Step is compulsory in order to obtain your Sales Page


I need to include your "Buy Now" button code from your Paypal account
on your $5 MAGIC sales page.

 Log into your Paypal Account.

Type or copy "buy now button" into the search box - top right and click search.

Click on the "buy now button" link at the top of searches found. You will get your version
of the Screen Print below


See my instructions under this screen print. 


 Select the button type as "Buy Now"

Put "$5 Magic", or something similar, in the Item Name

Put "5.00" in the Price

Select "Use my primary email address"

Then click on Step 3 Customise advanced features (optional) and you will see your version
of the Print Screen Below.

And then my instructions after that.


 Select "No" for the first three questions.

Leave blank the box "Take customers to this URL when they cancel their checkout"

Copy and paste  " " into the box "Take customers
to this URL when they finish checkout"


 Now click "Create Button"

 Select  the button code, then copy and paste it into an email to

(Please do NOT use the email address to which you paid your $5  )

 Please put "Buy Now Button Code" in the subject line. Please also copy part of your
receipt from Paypal - it makes it much easier for me if I know the name and Paypal email
address where you sent your $5 payment.

You can also email me if you need assistance.

Allow a couple of days to send you your unique $5Magic Sales Page URL with your
button embedded.



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