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Step Three

How To Put Your Offer In Front of 150,000 People Per Month For Free


Use (a) to put your offer in front of 5000 each day, but if you are serious about building your own sales funnel do not ignore (b) CAB and get other direct payments to your PayPal Account.

(a) Million Leads For Free lets you enter up to 10 pages you want to advertise. Then  each day, you
simply click on 10 ads to view ... you can open them & immediately close them if you like ... & then
you can post your sales page to 5,000 verified members. If you do this every day, you will advertise
your $5 Magic sales page to 1,825,000 members per year ... all for free! And the members have all
been active in the system within the last 72 hours. 

 Click here & join MillionLeads4Free. You will have to enter your name & email and then check
your email inbox to confirm your email address. Return to MillionLeads4Free & click
"Login" at the top of the page. Login & click on "Message Inbox". 

  • Click on the name of 10 ads and immediately click on "Return to message inbox" at
    the bottom of the ad.
  • Click "Post To Open Contacts". 
  • In the "Subject" line, enter:  Use $5 Magic to get Payments Direct to your Paypal Account
  • In the "Message" field, enter:  Get Your own $5 Magic sales page with a "Buy Now"
    directly linked to your Paypal email Address.  Don't forget to change the XXXXXX to your details
    from the $5 Magic Sales Page URL you were given.
  • You can spice it up with HTML if you want.
  • Next, check the "Save this message" checkbox & click "Preview".
  • Click "Post this message" to display your offer to 5,000 people.
  • Do this every Day.

(b) Classifieds Ad Board is a simple but powerful strategy of all members being able to post up to 4 free classified ads per day.. with Pro members being able to post up to 16 ads per day.. where their ads stay on the site live for 6 months compared to 1 month if you're a free member.  You can use the system as a Free Member, but the OTO - Lifetime Pro for just $11 is a must! You then get 100% commission when your referrals purchase the OTO.

So with this easy to use system, members keep coming back day in and day out to post their ads daily, which means repeat exposure to all members ads...

You'll get traffic from your daily ads, your premium ad space, banner ads, Hot Links and even Login Ads (which are html ads shown to members as they login).. that's it.. easy.

Click Here to join ClassifiedsAdBoards If you take up the OTO (Cost $11) I will refund you the $5 that you paid for $5 Magic - Just email me with your ClassifiedsAdBoard Username.



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