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Step Four

How to get the best results from Traffic Exchanges


 If you are not already a Member Click here to join  TEHoopla  for  Top Ranked Traffic Exchanges
100% Independent Statistical Testing Since 2002
TEHoopla Instructions

    1. Join each Current Top Ranked Traffic Exchange, update with your IDs, and use them daily to
promote Your Business, Your Affiliate Sites, Your Splash Pages, all of your promotions.

   2. In addition, we are an excellent Traffic Builder. Join and Use each Daily to promote Your
TE Hoopla. The point is to get signups and earn referral rewards. And the goal is to build large
amounts of Ongoing Daily Traffic, and it may be directed to any site anytime.

   3. Stay tuned and connect with your TE Hoopla, at least weekly, daily is best, to Focus, and as
a Checklist, on the Current Top Ranked Traffic Exchanges.

And Most Notable: This is not rocket science, a bunch of secrets, or any magic button. You get
out what you put in. No advice works unless you do. The secret to your success here is found in
your daily routine.

If you follow our instructions, do as we do, soon, you will reap a bountiful traffic harvest.

I also find it very beneficial to use Matthew Graves'  four TEs - join WebBizInsider,
join TopTierTraffic , join SplashPageSurfer and join100percenttraffic

They all have bonuses after surfing 25, 50, 100, 200, 300 and 500 websites.

All except WebBizInsider, now have mailers, and you can earn credits faster by reading emails and then send your own advertising emails. Email marketing tends to be more responsive than the traffic exchanges.

The Bonuses can be Traffic Credits, Banner Credits, Text Ad Credits and additionally Downline
Members which can be emailed every 7 days in WebBizInsider and Position Points in TopTierTraffic.
Whichever Bonuses you are going for, watch out for competitions for surfing 100 credits.
Additionally earn 20% more credits in TopTierTraffic by using it together with WebBizInsider.



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