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Step Six

Two Programs to quickly get your sales page in front of many Visitors


(a) A Safelist with a twist - No emails blocking your Inbox

If you are not already a Member Click here to join Hot Link Cycler

As a free Member you get 500 points on sign-up but you can quickly add points by viewing Hot Links and Banners at their
website. You can then convert your points into visitors to your sales pages.

However the value of upgrading (One time $25) will soon be apparent: 20000 points on upgrading and 2000 monthly points
to speed up your page views without spending your time.

You also, when upgraded, get entry to their Amazing Money Maker - a 2x2 matrix with $50 commission on cycling without
ever paying again.


(b) How to Blast Your Ad to 150+ Sites with one Click


  If you are not already a Member Click here to join Total Ad Explosion

As a free Member, you can purchase packages of Solo Emails, Login Ads, Banners, Traffic Links
and Hot Links and submit with one click to all the participating websites.

As an upgraded member you get packages of varying numbers of these ads depending on your level
for a Monthly Fee and currently there are some very good value OTO's 



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