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Step Seven

Take your $5 Magic to the next level.



 So far you have been getting $5 payments from customers you do not know and cannot contact.

You can do so much more by Capturing their details and building your own list.

You could have your own copy of this page with your referral URLs and your forms like the ones below.

The main advantage of this is you change from one off payments to recurring income from your own referrals.

To do this you need the Web Tools and Hosting Program

You can join free to have a look around to make sure this program is what you want. You will have the facility to save your own version of these pages and we can change the "Buy Now" button on your $5 Magic Sales page to take your customers to your version after payment.

If you decide to upgrade, your costs will be $10 each month plus a small PayPal charge. But you
only need 
one referral to get your $10 back.
Again you can fill in the form below or go direct to this page (DO NOT JOIN see below)

This is a splash page  I have designed comparing key features of AIOP and Trafficwave - I have also made similar pages for my referrals and advertise their links in a rotator - who wouldn't when I get all their even numbered referrals into my downline.

Before you Join - This program is set up so that you keep 100% commission from all your Odd numbered referrals but pass up all your even numbered referrals
to your Sponsor.
Please ask me for a URL to Join .
I want to make sure you stay in my downline so that I can help you where necessary.

Start Internet Marketing on a Budget
Get it Free with only One Referral
Your Sponsor Helps you all the way
All the Web Tools you need (see list below)
 Advertising, List Building & Cash

Premium Web Hosting with unlimited sub-domains
Professional Double Opt-In Auto-responder
Website Builder
Excellent Link Tracker
Downline Builder
Splash/Capture Page Builder
Text & Banner Advertising



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